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Web Results for Mexican

:a person born, raised, or living in Mexico: a person whose family is from Mexico See the full definition for Mexican in the English Language Learners Dictionary
Mexican standoff slang An impasse, deadlock, or stalemate from which no party involved will or can emerge victorious. Also written "stand-off." (Note: This phrase may be considered offensive to Mexicans or those of Mexican heritage.) Primarily heard in US. No one on the board of directors was willing to compromise their position on the issue, and with ...
^Note A: This is the number of Mexican citizens in the U.S. Including descendants, the enlarged Mexican-American community was estimated in July 2016 to be 36,255,589 amounting to 11.22% of total U.S. population Note B: This is the number of Mexicans by birth in Canada, including ancestry the enlarged Mexican-Canadian community was recorded to be 97,055 in 2011.