Austin-Bergstrom International Airport Spottng and Tour

Published on 11/21/2016 by Captain Cooper
Hello and welcome to this ABIA Terminal Spotting and Tour video! This is still apart of my Austin trip this summer and will have more coming soon! As you can see with the construction, Austin will be adding another 9 gates to allow there to be more available room for larger aircraft to come in like the BA 777-200 and 787 Dreamliners! The new terminal project wont be completed until 2019. Austin has gone through record breaking PAX going through the airport in recent years and has more and more flights going in and out constantly now. Back in the early 2000's, the only busy time at ABIA was in the morning where all the planes would be leaving and being pulled into the gates from the stands on the ramp. Southwest has always had a hub in Austin throughout the years. Now there is always a Southwest plane either taking off and landing. An empty gate wont stay that way for too long in Austin now. It's so great to see my hometown city grow and bring in new airlines and new people and businesses from around the world!

In other news, new Delta MD88/MD90 full flights will be coming soon as I will be going to LGA on them from ATL!

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